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Stephen is a producer, mix engineer, musician and DJ hailing from the Isle of Man (where the Bee Gees were born).


After emigrating to Western Australia as a teenager, Stephen’s musical ambitions led him over to Sydney where he has since gone on to become the backbone of our studio. After turning up to the studio unannounced one day back in 2019, Stephen has worked on records from artists such as Totally Unicorn, Johnny Hunter, Velvet Trip and Sleepmakeswaves. 


Whilst specialising in rock and indie music, Stephen has a deep affinity for all things music and has a very diverse taste that he draws inspiration from. Stephen believes that music is the gateway to a persons soul and as a lifelong fan of music, understands the significance music can have on soundtracking peoples lives.


When Stephen’s not in the studio, he can be found playing in bands across Sydney (The Dardi Shades), writing music, attending live shows and warming the bench for his beloved Dunbar Rovers FC. 


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