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Upon completing a Bachelor of Creative Technology in 2015, Cameron has been hanging out and evolving his craft in countless sessions across some Sydney’s most prominent studios. Since joining the Parliament family in 2017, he has created his own identifiable sound where he emphasises the use of modern production and mixing techniques to get the best sounding version of a song possible. From creating walls of distorted guitars and nailing huge live drum tones, to 808s and creative sound design in the box, Cameron’s wide sound palette across multiple genres allows him to facilitate and help fulfill every artist’s individual musical vision.

When he’s not in the studio, Cameron has worked as a stagehand alongside touring crews on some of the biggest international artist’s tours that have passed through Sydney in the past 10 years. On a more local scale, he loves to stay busy within the live music scene by playing as a live session musician and looking after everything tech for alternative pop artists Aya Yves and Boleyn. 

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