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Above all else, a perpetual student of music making, Ravi is a musician, sound engineer, producer and song writer, with the goal of realising the potential of any good musical idea.

After completing a bachelor of music majoring in composition, Ravi has been active in the Sydney music scene for over 15 years, across all instruments in the traditional rock band set up. All the while dabbling in  production, Ravi has been brought up in the professional studio environment by Parliament’s very own Lachlan Mitchell and Phan Sjarif.

His versatile approach comes from years of experimentation in the home studio, sourcing unique sounds within its limitations, doing more with less. An affinity with vintage warmth, and the interplay of organic and digital sounds, Ravi has worked in various engineering roles with bands such as The Aints!, The Hard Ons, Kallidad, and The Laurels.

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